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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 28: Biscuits

I've been a huge blog slacker. I guess once I fell out of the swing of things, it's been hard to get back to it. I guess I'll start off with finishing my 31 day challenge. So here it goes:

Day 28: A picture of something that I am afraid of.

I know this will probably cause a ton of laughs, but I am terrified of opening the biscuit canisters. Up until now only family has known about this crazy phobia of mine. I can not make myself open those darn things. The popping noise (or the anticipation of it coming) completely terrifies me. If I have to open them, then I will end up screaming and dropping the biscuits all over the floor. Thank goodness those yummy biscuits now come in re-sealable freezer bags, no popping of canisters required!

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