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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

23 Months Old!

Yes, it's true. Our Landon love is just one month shy of turning two! What is our almost two year old up to these days? Well, he is now starting to mimick every single word that comes our of our mouths. Yesterday we went out for a walk and came across a bee. I told him to look out for the bee and he went around saying bee all day long. The cutest part of it was that he would scrunch up his face as he said bee. I really need to get it on video so everyone can see the cuteness for themselves! Landon is also starting to learn his colors such as boo (blue) ello (yellow) een (green). Landon also loves to pitch in a hand when it comes to cleaning. Every time I vacuum he runs and get his toy vacuum and vacuums along side of me. He even loves to dust, sweep, and fold the laundry. Landon can be found most days running around with endless bursts of energy while clutching his Tigger. Landon loves to go sleuthing for birds, ducks, dogs, and squirrels. He loves to play peek-a-boo behind trees and blowing bubbles (bubbles is also another new word of his).

Landon's birthday is just a month away and I feel like we haven't made any progress with his party. It is so hard planning a party when so many things have to be taken into consideration. Last year all I had to do was plan everything and have everyone go along with it. This year I feel as if I have to ok everything with everyone to make sure to please every last person. It's so stressful planning his party this year and there are times that I don't know whether the hassle is worth it. There are days where I want to say forget it all and just have a birthday dinner for Landon, Kevin, and I. Come the day after Landon's party I will feel as if it were all worth it. We will look back on pictures of Landon eating cake and opening presents with a huge smile plastered on his face. Those moments will make all of this stress completely worth it. I just hope we can make it to that point without any major issues. As of now Landon's party is going to be held at a park again (location still undetermined) and it will be a jungle theme. We will be picking out invites tomorrow and hopefully coming up with a guest list tomorrow as well so that we can get those mailed out this week. Until we get the invites I think I am going to take my cue from Landon and Tink and just relax and stop stressing.

While we are on the subject of birthdays I would like to wish Grandma (Kevin's mom) a Happy Birthday! I'm sure you are reading this and I hope that you got the card and painting that Landon made for you.

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