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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Party Location

Landon's party location has been driving me crazy. Kevin and I only know that we would like to have it at a park again. After all, we had Landon's 1st party at a park and we spend most of our days playing at the park so it only made sense to have Landon's party at a park again. The only problem was which park. Over the past year we have gone to many parks. We also love a number of parks so it has been hard to decide which park is ideal for Landon's party. I have heard a lot about Clarke House park over in Orange Park. We never get a chance to head over that way, but Kevin stopped by the other day and took a video of it for me to see. Kevin really liked the park, but I had a hard time putting that park location on Landon's invites without seeing it for myself.

Since the weather was amazing today we headed over there and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the park. I was so glad that we did. Landon absolutely loved the park. We were there for 4 hours! The only reason we left is because I felt a few sprinkles of rain. There are 3 over sized pavilions with grills, a toddler play area, a butterfly garden, a large playground, a sandbox, and numerous swings. To top it off there is a window at the top of an old barn like building that has Winnie the Pooh painted on it. Landon was in playground heaven there!

I think Landon's favorite part of the park was the sandbox and a rocking horse that was right next to the sandbox.
I asked Landon if he wanted his party at this park and I think I got his approval!
As in true Landon fashion, his final word on the matter was him sticking out his tongue!

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