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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring is NOT in the Air!

Lately I have had to double check the date on the calendar. It has been feeling unusually chilly considering it is Springtime in Florida. There have only been two days so far where we have been in shorts. Usually we are roasting to death by now, but not this year. At least the cooler spring weather has allowed for Landon to get some more wear out of his jean jacket. Tinkie was even able to wear her's as well. The two of them walked around all day long yesterday matching one another. We took a walk over to PetSmart and everyone in the store commented how cute they were together. Especially since Landon insists on being the one to walk Tink on her leash.

I'm glad their cuteness was enough to distract people from looking at me. For the past 5 days I have had to keep Landon cooped up inside because I have horrible swelling on my eyelid. It turns out that I have a stye that has caused quite a bit of infection. I wound up at the hospital last night to finally have someone look at it because I could no longer take the pain. They had to make small slits in my eyelid and drain it. It still looks horrible, but hopefully after the antibiotics take effect I will be looking back to normal. In the meantime I will just walk around like a rock star and refuse to take my sunglasses off in the stores. Or I could always match Tink's and Landon's outfits and take the both of them out together everywhere we go! Landon would thoroughly enjoy that option!

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