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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poop, poop, and more poop

Warning: The subject matter in this post is not suitable for those with a weak stomach. This post is about poop and lots of it!

For almost two weeks now I have been up to my elbows in poop...literally. Ever since Easter Sunday Landon has had horrible diarrhea. At first we thought it was from some sausage that Kevin gave him. He didn't realize that some sausage contains milk. I figured we'd wait it out a few days and then all would clear up. We have had no such luck. Landon has pooped through several diapers a day, every day since Easter. I'm talking major diaper blow outs to where it runs down his leg onto the floor. Every time we run out for even the quickest of errands I am making sure to pack two spare pairs of pants and we are usually returning home with Landon wearing his last pair of back up pants and needing to be changed again. 

I then thought that it could be caused by the beef ramen noodles that Landon was eating. Most beef flavoring contains milk, but this particular package did not. I read and re-read the packaging before I bought it and saw that it did not contain any milk so I picked up a few packages. Since Landon was still having issues several days after eating the sausage I thought that maybe it was the noodles causing the problem. I was worried that they contained milk after all and that the company just didn't mark it on the package so I stopped feeding Landon the noodles and gave the remaining packages to my brother. Several more days go by and Landon is still having issues.

Kevin and I then thought that his Easter candy was causing the problem. Landon has never really had much sugar and he was on sugar overload since Easter. He has had more then his fair share of peeps, lollipops, pixie sticks and jelly beans since Easter. We thought that the sugar could be causing the problem since Landon wasn't use to all of that junk. I got rid of all of his candy and we are still having issues with his poop. I am at my wits end. I am tired of changing poopy diapers followed by stain treating pants and scrubbing poop off of the carpet. To make things worse, all of this poop has caused Landon to be in tremendous amounts of pain during diaper changes. His skin is cut open, bleeding, and is red. He screams through diaper changes and is even hiding when he goes to the bathroom to prevent from getting changed. 

People are telling me that I am over-reacting by making a doctors appointment, but this is unlike Landon. He only ever does this when he is having an allergic reaction to something. If it doesn't clear up by Monday then I will be making him an appointment, even if not everyone agrees with it. I may be told that it is nothing, but I would rather be told it is nothing, then worried that it is something. 

I'm hoping that Landon is not allergic to some sort of food dye that is found in the candy or other food that he has been eating. I guess we will find out soon enough once I make his appointment.

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