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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Mother's Touch

A bond between mother and child is unlike any other. Each day I am continually amazed by the bond that Landon and I share. He always knows exactly what I am feeling without me ever having to say anything. Of course, it should go without saying that this bond is mutual. This morning I was sicker than I had been in a long time. I am on antibiotics for my eye infection and they have been making me incredibly nauseous. I very rarely experience side effects from medication. However, this time around I am sick enough to make up for all of the years that I have managed to escape side effects. I spent the entire morning throwing up. Landon had woken up and came looking for me. He found me in the bathroom and he kneels down to me and says "aww" and pats my leg and then kisses my leg. It was as if he instinctively knew that I was not feeling well and had been up since 4 a.m. He knew that I needed his sweet little pat and kiss to make me feel better.

We also had a rather long day today. We started the morning out with a doctors appointment for Landon and then we met up with a family friend who is visiting from Texas. She also has a little boy who is just a few weeks younger then Landon. They spent the evening playing together and Landon was so tired out by the time we headed home. The last 15 minutes of the drive he spent it screaming. I am talking about an eye piercing, shrieking sort of cry. The type of cry that you get from a newborn in the car. I finally found a way to reach my hand over the top of his carseat so that he could hold my hand. In that exact moment Landon stopped crying. The moment that his hand connected with mine all was well again. All he needed was that special Momma touch to make everything better.

That simple act of hand holding made me take a second to appreciate the bond that we have. It made me stop to think about how special a mother's touch can be for a child. I love that Landon and I have such a strong connection and I can not wait to see how this connection between mother and child deepens over the years.

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