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Friday, April 8, 2011

B is for Buttons

I realized that I never shared Landon's video of him learning the letter "B". It is a long video, about ten minutes, but he's so cute that I couldn't stop taping! At the end of the video Landon even tried recording me. I love our morning craft time together. I try to find something hands on for us to do together every morning. It's how I like to fill the gap between breakfast and lunch- the time when Landon has already exhausted his morning tv limit and when the toys have all been cleaned up so I'm wanting to keep it that way!

There was plenty of light shining into the room this morning while we were doing this. I didn't think it was necessary to turn on the dining room light. For some reason the video is dark. I guess I should have turned on the light after all. Oh well. It's still a cute memory of craft time with Landon.

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