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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Toddler Years

I love, love, love the age that Landon is at. I miss the baby days. I wish I had those precious new born moments back, but I absolutely adore the toddler years. Sure they are filled with challenges. I think most of the challenges stem from Landon thinking he is more grown than he is. The other week I told Landon to pick up his toys because I was going to vacuum. He didn't want to pick them up so I moved them to his bedroom out of the way. He was so mad that I moved his toys. He stomped off to his room, let out an exaggerated huff, and slammed his bedroom door shut. Just in case I didn't hear him the first time he immediately repeated this act. I thought I had at least 10 more years before the door slamming started. What two year old stomps off to their room when they are mad?! I just had to laugh at it. I couldn't believe he had done it. Landon also has a whole lot of attitude packed into a small body. He knows what he wants and he's not shy to express himself. I think the eye rolling that he does is what drives me nuts. He constantly rolls his eyes at me. That's another thing that I thought I had several years before it started. Another new thing that he has started saying is "hear me!" If Landon is trying to get my attention, but I'm busy doing something he will scream, "Hear me Mommy! Hear me!" Just this weekend I had told Landon that it was time to leave the volleyball court (he loves playing in the sand) and he wasn't listening. I started counting to three and he usually comes by two because he hates time outs. This time he allowed me to finish counting to three. Not only did he allow me to count to three, but he then added to it. He finished my count by adding "four, five, six..." all the way up to thirteen! What a smart butt! I really do love these toddler years. I love all of the new things that Landon is saying and doing. I can't believe my baby Landon is almost three. I'm sad to see his baby years go, but I am excited for the last bit of the toddler stage.

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