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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter a few days late! Easter was very low key this year and I absolutely loved it. It was one of the best Easter's in a long time. We did absolutely nothing. I loved our laid back Easter. The Easter Bunny brought Landon a number of goodies. I think Landon's favorite gifts were his fishing pole and Super Why DVD. We also did an Easter egg hunt outside and Landon had a blast with it. We did an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter as well, but for once I found myself without a camera to capture it. It was a lot of fun though. There was the traditional egg hunt, but they also had a number of other activities. There were bounce houses, train rides, pony rides, a petting zoo, and carnival games. All of these things were geared towards toddlers so Landon had a blast. I did get a number of pictures Easter Day to make up for the lack of pictures of the egg hunt. 

Dying Easter Eggs!

 Landon loves Super Why!

 Landon also loved the candy bracelets.....
 ...until Mommy took them away! I didn't realize he made this face until I uploaded all of the photos later on that evening!
 Looking for Easter eggs

 In true Landon fashion, he lined them all up to count them when he was done.
 Landon found it challenging to resist the yummy Easter cake!
He kept saying that he didn't taste it, but his nose gave him away!

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