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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Straight Lines and Color Schemes

Landon is a lot like me in many ways. He's stubborn and very opinionated. These traits make for some very interesting times around here. He also displays a bit of OCD as well. Or CDO as Kevin would refer to it because I am very anal retentive about alphabetizing things. I've noticed from a very early age (around 15 months old) that Landon was very anal in the way that he plays with his toys. All of his toys are lined up in a straight line as he plays with them. If it is his animal toys, then he lines them up in a straight line and they all have to be facing the same way. He also groups them by type of animal. For instance, the tiger and lion are always next to each other. The snakes and lizards are always placed next to each other and so are the rhinos, hippos, and elephants. It makes it very hard to play with Landon because if any one of these animals are turned just three degrees more than the others he will get upset and want it to be straight again. When he's playing with his cars they go into straight lines and he places the cars with the cars and the trucks with the trucks and so on. Before he assembles any puzzle he lines up all of the pieces. When he picks out a movie to watch he has to take all of his DVDs off of the shelf and line them up on the floor before he can choose one. When we are at a store, browsing through the toy department, Landon will take the toys that he likes off of the shelves and place them in a straight line across the store floor. He then has to put them back in the exact spot that he originally found them in. I have stopped trying to help him put the toys back because it just results in Landon throwing a fit over one of the toy boxes being too close to the other one so he does this all on his own now. His OCD tendencies don't end with the straight lines. This was the result of me asking him to hang his jackets up:

Blue, red, blue, red, blue- he makes Mommy proud!

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