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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Fling

Our local Chick-fil-a had a Spring Fling this evening. Boy did Landon have fun. They had all kinds of animals there for Landon to look at and pet. Landon loved the baby ducks and guinea pigs the most because they reminded him of the Wonder Pets. One baby duck did bite Landon's hand. It was more of a quick peck, but it caused Landon to laugh hysterically. He said that Ming Ming (the baby duck from Wonder Pets) was trying to lick him!
He even asked a worker if he could pet a baby chick so they pulled one out for him.
They also had another pony for Landon to brush and another cow for him to pet. He sure has been doing a lot of cow petting and pony brushing these past couple of weeks.
I loved the baby sheep. They were absolutely adorable! They were almost as cute as the pot-bellied pig taking a nap on a bunny!
Landon also loved the sheep and goats, especially feeding them. I even caught Landon trying to help a baby goat escape from the cage!
Landon was even able to try some cotton candy. Being the Landon that he is, he only ate one bite before throwing it out. He said that it was sticky and didn't want to eat it.
I think Spring time is quickly becoming my favorite season. There is so much stuff to do around town this time of year. Most of which involve petting zoos for absolutely free! We also enjoy getting lots of outdoor time after dinner. It's not too terribly hot outside in the evenings so we use this time to our advantage. I usually take Landon outside around 5:30 and we'll stay outside until 7:00 or so when it is time to come in for bed. Yesterday evening Landon wanted to ride his scooter. He rode it around the entire block without stopping! He only fell once and quickly got back up. He told me that he wasn't hurt because Mommy put his "gummy pads" on- his monkey elbow and knee pads!

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