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Friday, April 22, 2011

Play-Doh Making and Heffalump Trapping

Landon loves to play with Play-doh. I just hate how quickly it dries out and how often I have to keep buying it. We always put it away in the sealed containers as soon as we are done playing with it, but after a few uses it still dries out. I decided to make some play-doh. It was actually rather easy to do. Landon loved helping during the preparation process. I didn't take any pictures of that because it would have been a little hard taking pictures while supervising Landon pouring flour, salt, and water into bowls. Landon quickly lost interest during the cooking process. There wasn't anything that he was able to do because I don't allow him to get near the stove. Stirring the ingredients in the pot over a hot stove is not very toddler friendly. Landon stood there watching me for a minute or two and then he started rummaging through the cabinets. He walked away with one pot, two lids, and one colander. He left the kitchen to go and trap Heffalumps! I continued cooking the play-doh and realized that the yellow play-doh wasn't going to turn out. Before we began I asked Landon what two colors he wanted. He responded with green and yellow so those are the colors that we made. However, when I added the flour I realized that the yellow wasn't going to be bright yellow that we were hoping for. I didn't have any regular flour on hand so I had to use whole wheat flour. I failed to take into account that the brown flour would change the color of the light yellow. The end result was more of a mustard yellow. Thankfully, Landon is pretty easy going and having fun was the only end result that he cared about. Fun was exactly what we had! Landon has a Cookie Monster play-doh set that makes letters, fruits, and veggies out of the play-doh and then he can feed them to Cookie Monster. He loves this set. We were making some letters for Cookie Monster to eat and I made the letter "K". I told Landon that it was a "K" and he exclaimed "Barbie!" I guess he's been watching too much Toy Story. He automatically thought of Ken and Barbie when he heard the letter "K"!
On the hunt for Heffalumps!

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