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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue Bubble Disaster

Dear Crayola,

We really do love your crayon products. However, you should have stopped while you were ahead. There was no need to branch out into the world of bubbles. Please stick to just crayon making. You would make mommies all over the world very happy. Your colored bubble launcher was a huge flop for us. I think it was the worst toy that Landon has ever received. If you saw the number of toys this child has accumulated over the past (almost) three years, then that is saying a lot. Your bubbles have left stains on my patio, on my grass, on my pants, and on my dog. I immediately took this product back to the store (after taking cute pictures of my messy toddler, of course!) and exchanged it for the Crayola 3-D chalk. A much better product! You want to know why that was? Because it was chalk, a lot like crayons. Please, I urge you to stop trying to branch out and stick to your traditional writing products. Thank you!

A mommy now thinking she is living in the world of Smufs!


Kelly said...

OMGosh! I read a review about these the other day! What a mess!!!! I'm glad you were able to make an exchange and have a sense of humor about it!

mich said...

I almost bought those the other day but thankfully read another blog post about them. They do make for some cute pictures though!

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