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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5: Favorite Memory

Day 5: A picture of my favorite memory

I have many favorite memories. It was so hard to just pick one. I think the picture that I am going to post sums up most of my favorite memories. This picture was just another day that we had together as a family. One of those days that we always referred to as "lazy Sunday". On Sundays we would usually just stay home in our pajamas all day long. Kevin spent the day taking silly pictures. This was one of them.
That picture brings back such bittersweet memories. It may not necessarily be my absolute favorite memory, but it does sum up what my favorite memories revolve around. How do you pick just one favorite memory anyways? I don't think I have one clear favorite memory. I have many ranging from the day Kevin and I first went to St. Augustine to the first time we took Landon to St. Augustine. Landon's birth to his big days like first and second birthdays. Milestone moments such as first smile, first steps, first words. I can't seem to narrow all of these memories down to just one favorite memory. When I first read that I would have to post a picture of my favorite memory for some reason this picture immediately popped into my head. I guess it sums up all that my heart is feeling- bittersweet memories.

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